Thursday, April 21, 2011


Happy Birthday Twins!  Love you, and can't wait to see you again.  Enjoy your new hats, as you walk around with your super lindo surf boards, and pose as surfers.  : )  PS  If you are reading this, email me.  Thanks!

Nelson and Justin "showing me their moves" before we went out for the twin's b-day!

Nelson, Christian, Josito.  Two of Nelson's the Tropi!!  Would you like to know why we are so glad to have the Tropi back open?..

This is why we are so glad to have the Tropi back open.  This man jumped into the back of the truck as we were driving home that night.  He said he was going to Playa Guiones, and needed a ride.  Diego was happy to extend the invitation. When we got there, he wasn't too sure where he was staying.  After telling us, that he was formerly kicked out of the Tropi that night for falling asleep at the bar, he decided it was best if he spent the night with us. So...

There he went.  Right on the hammock.  Of course, the mother in me, laid a mosquito net over him, and sprayed him with bug spray.  I figured he would be gone in the middle of the night.. But, NO.  I woke up at 6:30, and he was out there, snoring.  When I went out at 7:15 to go to work, he was gone!  Never saw him again.  THe end.

This is the little mini mart in Playa Pelada (where the window is)  The green section is the house of a friend of mine, that works at the Juice Bar, here at the hotel!

My friend Lena, and myself, on our way to the Rodeo!  Yup, the Rodeo was back in town!!

Nelson, and his best friend, Henry, at the Rodeo!

My humble abode : )

How to explain this story?  So.. there is this guy who comes into the Healing Centre, really stressed.  He says, "I need a massage, who is the best?  I need the best.  You tell me when to come in, and I need an amazing massage.  I need to be cured...etc.."  I set him up with an appointment with my boss, Tammy.  Apparently, he liked it.  After he 100 dollar tip, and another booking, he was in heaven.  From that point on, he told me that I saved his life.  Because I set up the appointment.  He began to be famous around here, and not always because everyone liked him.  He fled with a boogie board from coconut harry's, he ditched on two surf lessons with Nelson, because he was so "busy".  well, come to find out, that he is actually a huge business man, always making deals, buying and selling, always on the go.  He told me about all these things he was working on, all his contacts, etc.  So, we just let it go.  Well, his final night he was here, he invited us all to a dinner at another hotel down the road.  He insisted we all come (as long as we had good energy).  Who shows up for a free dinner and boose?  All the twenty somethings that were invited.  So we partied away, with Crazy David!  Toward the end of the night, we wanted to go to the Rodeo.  He said that he needed to go to bed, but we could take his shuttle, ran to his room, came back, handed me 300 dollars, and told us to have a good time...

So there I go.  Bottle of wine, gold nail polish, two purses, and 300 dollars.  Let's just say, that I was the favorite that night.  Everyone was chasing me around, "Maggie, I want a beer, Maggie, Can I have a beer?!"  Of course we blew the money right away.  It was easy, because every time I went to the bar, I ordered 10 beers, and 5 shots for the group!!  What a night!  Thanks David! 

...So.. there is my picture update : )

Sad news, Nelson got denied on his first attempt for an American Tourist Visa : (
We were both really bummed.  He wanted to come visit so badly. 
So, for now, he sends his love, virtually!  
Thanks for all the love and support from all of you!

Working a lot!  Trying to get to the beach more, pilates and yoga too!
Sleeping a lot, of course : )
And, enjoying life!

Happy Easter to everyone.  Sad, that I am not there to spend with my family, and the Zanol's from the East Coast, but we will see each other soon!


Friday, April 1, 2011

the adventure continues..

A couple weeks ago, I was having doubts about going home on April 6th.  Not sure if I was ready, SO... I was going to extend my ticket, and just do a visa run to Nicaragua (because after 90 days, you need to leave the country for 3 days).  I was still kind of "iffy" with the plan, but I knew that if I went home, and came back, it would be so much money.  WELL, then last Monday I got an email from my sister that said "mom is in the hospital, and it is not looking good."  Turns out, she got pneumonia, which is bad enough in itself, but with  mom having MS, it is worse for her.  I was in such a debate what to do, but I decided that if I found a car to rent, or a way to get to San Jose that night, I would fly out in the morning.  SO, I found a car to rent, and he told me to come back at 4 to pick it up.  I went back and bought my ticket on the computer, and went back to pick up the car at 4.  The first guy was not working anymore, and a new guy was on shift.  Guess what?  The new guy was signing the car to another girl! WTF, right?  The first guy had told both of us to come back at two different times, assuming one of us wouldn't show up. So I was shit out of luck there.  So I'm crying, and stressed, Nelson is pissed, all my friends don't know what to do.  My friend Amanda has a car, but she has to work for me, so she couldn't drive me.  We had another couple who was going to San Jose, but they were staying there upon arrival.  SO we had to bribe the brother of the other couple (our neighbors) to ride with us, and drive he and Nelson back.  Made it to the airport at 12:30 am.  Slept for 3 hours (in the airport).  Nelson and my friends left at 3:30 am.  I made it through security, and fell asleep again outside of my gate.  Woke up with FIFTEEN minutes til my plane took off.  Barely made it on the plane, and got to Denver.  Had a few hour layover, and made it to Seattle.  My friends picked me up, and finally after 28 hours of traveling, made it home.  What great friends and family I have!  So thankful.  Mom got out of the hospital a few days after and returned to her house.  We weren't sure how she was going to do there, because she was needing to be on oxygen and what not.  But my mother is just a miracle.  She gets home, and ends up not even needing to be on oxygen full time (only to sleep).  Two days later, she requests to be hauled to her birthday party at my grandma and grandpa's condo.  WHAT a trooper.

So in the end, my mother going into the hospital was a blessing in disguise.  I was able to rationalize spending the money to go home, which was a much needed trip.  I was able to see SO many faces that I was in desperate need to see!  What a beautiful place I am from : )  I turned around a week later, and here I am, back in Guiones, and back to work today.  It is TEN times hotter than when I left, so I have learned to be careful what I wish for!!  The Costa Rica National surf competition is here in Guiones this weekend.  Lots of people, lots of parties.  It is my neighbor twin's birthday on Saturday too, which will be fun. All of my close friends here are mostly leaving next week.  I told Nelson that we are going to find out if we really like each other when everyone leaves, cause it really will be mostly just the two of us from the group we hang out in.  I have made some friends from work though, so I will be able to see them more.  AND some quality one-on-one time with me, myself, and I (I guess that would be one-on-one-on-one). OTHER than that, my life is juuuuust the same : )

QUE LINDA!  That is little baby Jackson inside that big belly of hers!  So lucky I got to see Katie in her most beautiful state of being... PREGERS!  She and Adam are both so happy and excited.  What a beautiful thing!  I even got to feel the baby kick!!

Mother and myself at her 50th birthday party, that she was NOT going to miss whether she was in the hospital or not!!  What a lady.  I can only hope to be half the woman she is.  Such strong faith and determination.  Such optimism.  She is amazing, and a miracle.  She loves, and is loved by so many people!

This never gets old.  How cute are these two?  Couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law. : )

Where is Adam?  OH.. probably with Lucy somewhere! : )  Almost all of the kids!  Not that I feel out of place or anything, but could I look more like it?

LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture.  How beautiful?  Just givin' some love to the baby belly, well and the baby too!

Can't believe I got to see Bridget (Dakota too) before they left!! What great friends to have picked me up from the airport! Love you guys, hope your travels are going swell!

My mini me.  You can just see that there is always a master plan behind those eyes.

Isaac! Laura Steichen's little one!  Just another face I was SO happy to see!

Nothing feels like home more than sitting on the Donaghy's couch, eating Ice Cream RIGHT out of the carton.  Mmmm.

JASPER!!  My scooter. How I missed you so.  I would LOVE to bring you to Nosara, but I am afraid you would not like the road conditions.  So, until I return, Kori will be your owner.  Be good for her!

Hans, don't look too happy please, thank you.  Nothin' like a visit to the Owl at 11 am.

Okay, I lied.  NOTHING to make me feel like home, more than watching the mariachi band practicing up and down Rosewood Ave.

Yup.  50.0 lbs.  No more, and no less.  What a great trip home, and so excited to get back to Costa Rica.