Sunday, January 30, 2011

plaza de toros.

who needs to pay to watch the bulls, when you can pretend that you are one after the rodeo is over?!

come on little toro!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fiestas Nosara!!

We are so lucky to be here during the annual Fiestas Nosara!!

Once a year, on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.. Nosara hosts a huuuuge fiesta.  There is a rodeo every day/night, games, food, drinks.. kind of carnival-ish.  Lots of people come from all over, and the whole town goes crazy!!  There is a "queen Nosara" contest, where girls walk around wearing little to nothing, and sell tickets to the rodeo.. the one that sells the most wins a motorcycle.

Rae, Nelson, and I were supposed to go last night, but she ditched us :(  "estoyyyy enfeeermoooo"  boooo.  well we went anyways, and it was hilarious.  We walked around, drank some beer, ate some carni-costa rican food..etc...   I said, "let's go into the rodeo!" but he told me it costs 2,000 calones per person ($4)  I thought it was a jip, we'd just watch it on Saturday or something, but we pawned some tickets for half price, and went in.  The arena is built with a bunch of 2'x4' s, about 8' high.  There were guys sitting all along the top, all the way around.  There is a pathway between the arena, and the bleachers.  The bleachers were really high up, to see over the railing of the arena.  Nelson was like, "we can sit here," meaning...on the ground like under the bleachers kinda.  I thought he was kidding.. I suggested we go sit in the bleachers, but that was a whole different ticket.  We were officially not cool kids again.  So we sat on the ground and watched through the fence posts.

The big event-like thing is crazy men trying to ride bulls, only holding onto a rope.  Then when they get flung off, all these other crazy guys are running around the arena, getting chased by the bull.  They aggravate it until it charges, and run from it, usually sliding under the fence to get away...or climbing up it.  Then the girls who are trying to be the queen, were driven in in their chariot...  a blue astro-van, where they then performed a dance, that I would compare to the apple-ettes at half time.  I was just goin with it, laughing the whole time, and thinking, man, this is just the first day of this... so much more to come!

The girls getting out of their chariot, about to "dance".  Just take a minute and appreciate everything about this..including the "ambulancia"
Crazy Loco men pissing off the bull, and running for their lives.

Box seats baaaaaaaby.
...and the view from our box seats.  ooooh what an experience. Cant wait for the next 3 days.  Maybe we'll splurge one day, and actually sit in the "bleachers"  Which.. I am not sure is even safe.. but whatever, it's Costa Rica!

 hmm... what else is new?!
We officially have extended our trip until sometime in March.  We found another Casita (like what we live in now) in the same place.. but this one is privately owned, so it is like half the price.  A little smaller size, but still two beds, bathroom, closet, and this one even has a little kitchenette!!!  Big news.  Oh, and it is riiiiight next door to the twins (from Connecticut) ..who loooooove to cook..which is niiiiice.

We finally paid to have our laundry done.  You can only wash clothes for so long in the sink/shower. We decided it was about time, since my swimsuit actually smelt badly, and we were down to only a few clean items.. Today we picked our clothes up, and felt rich!  Can't wait to put them away :)  oohhh. the little things in life.

Still trying to figure out how we can manage living here.  Business plans will soon be in progress.  OR we could marry some Ticos, and have permanent residency.. or even better.  If you have a baby.. HAHAH just kidding...only jooooookes people.  Don't tell my mom I said that.

I went surfing again.  Not as sore as last time, which is nice.  I finally decided to take Nelson up on his free lesson offer.  I joined in a class with another girl that we met here from Seattle.  I stood up every time except maybe 5.. only in the white water of course.. I think that's my max.

Played a futbol game in the sand with a bunch of randoms..some yogi's, some locals, and the twins.  We played for about an hour or so..I was exhausted.  Not working out for 3 weeks, was not working in my favor.  It was a lot of fun though!  We had to take a half time water break.. and by water break, I don't mean drinking water, I mean jumping in the ocean, of course!  ahhh. what a life.

I think that is pretty much it so far!  Just livin' the dream.  Literally.  I know reality is in my future, don't worry, but I'm just gonna put it off for a liiiiiiitle bit.  You should try it...its worth it.

Shots at Casa Tucan before heading to Nosara town to go to the TROPI. :)

One of our favorite places to eat.  Dos Lorenas, right across from my school!

I'm a surfer chick.  Legit huh??

Showed up to the beach, to find this.  Awwww porbrecita!  Good thing we showed up to sit with her at sunset :)  She is a cool kid.

ohhh... and  Rae always shows us up on her yoga moves at sunset.. so when we went to Playa Ostional the other day, we decided to surprise her with some moves of our own.  Who says we aren't  Yogis?!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

where is the time going?!

I try not to think about the flight home.  How I will be so sad to leave this paradise, and head back to reality...and how I want to make this my reality.  Hmmm...maybe I will?!

Luckily, I think that extending our stay is looking pretty good, so I can put off those thoughts for a while longer :)  Just not sure if I can do another whole month of my, lets be honest, I'm sure I can.

Again, nothing has changed drastically.  Still loving my life, and have never been happier in my own skin.

My classes were changed to afternoons this week.  I wasn't too happy about it, and even contemplated taking the week off.  Marco said that if i attended this week, he would do his best to have me in the mornings next week.  Walking to class at 1:00-heat of the day.. and walking back at 5:30-almost dark, is a bummer in itself.  But on top of that, I miss peak beach time, and 5 sunsets..which is of course a big deal.  It is like the town ritual for everyone to meet up at sunset.  "see you at sunset?.. duh"  But not me this week :(

Rae was also not too happy.  Now, all the time we have together during the day is from 8-11ish, and 5:30-6:30ish...  that is on a good day.  I have been forced to get up early, and no napping during the day, to actually enjoy the whole day.

Yesterday, Rae and I got breakfast after her class-around 8, and spent time at the beach before her next class.
Today, Nelson and I drove to another beach nearby-around 6:30!!, and he surfed while I basked in the sun.
Tomorrow-well who knows.  I'm promised to try surfing again, but I'm still trying to get out of it.
Then just two more days of afternoon classes!!!

Tursday-Sunday is the annual Nosara Fiesta!  Lots of parties, parades, and a huge rodeo.  I can't wait!  I am so glad we'll be here to experience this..perfect timing!  I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures too :)

Still trying to figure out what kind of business to start here, so I can move here.
Any ideas?!?!  Any investors?!?!

Speaking of class--I may be late.  Gotta run!Literally!


Sunday, January 23, 2011


Weekly photo shoot before La Banana!

Watching Nelson in his surf competition!  We're #1 fans of a cool kid!

Agua de Pipa a la playa!!!

Hannah and Carly- our friends from London!

Rae-pretending to be a cool surfer with a short board.  You know, cause only the really good ones have short boards.

This is how we get around :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

my life.

Let your yoga dance!  Rae is showing me her best Shakira moves at La Banana

Meet Nelson.  Mi Tico Amor.

Rae thought she was the third wheel, but I told her she will always be my first love.

que pasa calabaza?!..

en ingles- whats up pumpkin!

I started saying that phrase in 9th grade when I learned the word calabaza, because it rhymes with que pasa.  You see, in the states, people think it is funny because they don't know what calabaza means.  But here, people actually translate it, and look at me like I'm a freak.  :) oops.

Seriously, the time is flyyyyyying by.  Rae and I are talking about extending our stay :/  Just through February though.  I don't think I could leave in just over 2 weeks.  Necesito mas tiempo.

This week has been really fun!  Meeting more and more people every day.  Every day mi amigo, Nelson, says to me "I can teach you how to surf..lets do a just need the right teacher..I know you can do it" but I think he is crazy.  I still haven't hit the waves (las olas) again, maaaaybe I will.  I think I want to cash in all of his offers on lessons for a canopy tour in the jungle!  I wonder if he'll go for that.

Yesterday morning, my class was switched from 8-12 to 5-9.  Yeah, 5-9 in the morning.  Seems like a joke, but it was because we were taking a field trip to see the Tortugas!!!!  Like real life Crush and Squirt!  The only problem is, I slept through my alarm, and missed the bus.  I was actually really bummed.  I woke up at 5:15, ran out to the front of Cafe de Paris in my booty shorts and tank top, and it was like a dramatic scene from a movie.  the end.  :) I got over it though, when my classmate said they ended up having to pay 10 dollars each, so I'll just get a local to take me for free.  That's how I work here now.. :)

Last night was Reggae night at La Banana!!  Rae got out of class at 8:30, and we went to a pizzeria- il basilico- first.  Got 2 for 1 margaritas, and pizza.  Then we walked down to La Banana.  Rachael danced the night away..and I was having a sweating problem.  Haha..typical.  I sat in the outside window edge all night trying to stay alive.  After a couple beers, I was practicing my Spanish with our friend Jairo (high-doe..say it fast, and roll the r)  It was funny, because we are total opposites.  I can understand Spanish, and only speak a little..and he can understand English, and only speaks a little.  I think most of our conversation was sign language..which, if I'm not pretty fluent in Spanish when I leave here, I will be able to communicate in every language, simply with signing.  Jairo drove both of us home in his motocicleta.  That was a trip for sure..don't tell my mom.  I kept saying "No diga mi mama, no feliz, no feliz"  I can believe I actually woke up this morning in time to come drink my smoothie and blog..seeing as though we went to bed at 3 am.

As far as everything else, nothing is really new to this point.  Our days are in a pretty steady routine.  This weekend there is a little surf competition here in Playa Guiones.  I was thinking about signing up, but decided it wasn't big enough of a tournament for me to do ;)  Next weekend (thurs-sun) is a big annual festival in the town of Nosara.  Big parade, rodeo, music, etc.  People come from all over-I'm thinking it is like Apple Blossom kinda.  They have a pageant too..except their girls walk down the parade route in lingerie.. just a tad different than Wenatchee I guess.

Still loving it here :) love love love.  I'll put pictures up later..I have to actually make it to class today :)

Pura Vida!

Monday, January 17, 2011

where do i start??

I know it has been a few days, but our lives are finally full of activity :)
Only took una semana to get that far!
Today we discussed the possibility of moving here, the verdict has not yet been decided.

I was most definitely ready for the weekend when Friday hit.  It has been a while since I've had an obligation 5 days a week, even longer since I've had school 5 days a week.  I mean, let's be's not my for-tay.

Although our adventure on Friday night to La Luna, which is in Playa Pelada (another beach town next door to Playa Guiones), was a bust (Nelson, from coconut harry's surf shop told us to go, and he wasn't even there), our hitch hiking skills were very successful.  We met a guy who said he really needed a pick me up (get it?) because he had just attended a funeral service, so we made his night, because we were cute and funny.  And when we got to La Luna, the fiesta was over, so we hitched back with two older American men, who were just hilarious.  It was probably a blessing in disguise, seeing as though Rae had to get up at 5:00 am. on Saturday.  Oh, and of course, I could always use the sleep :)

Saturday was eventful.  We got breakfast, I went to the beach and Rae went to yoga.  At 3:00 we had a surf lesson.  Oh myyyy... I should have figured that because I was so bad at snowboarding, wake boarding, and skateboarding.. that I should not have even tried surfing, which requires all of the same skills.  Rachael kicked ass, and has rented a board twice since then, and I was perfectly content watching her from a shore.  We made it to "La Tropicana" or "Tropi" for short, and it was very very fun!  We got a taxi there, with two boys from Switzerland (one works at Cafe de Paris).  We actually went to a different bar in town first, and that is where our taxi driver, Freddy, came into the bar with us, and sipped on a shot.  HAHA.  He also accompanied us to Tropi, where we met up with Willy (the gay local in town, who is awesome) and started by simply people watching.  We met some guys from Virginia, who bought us beers all night..and some street meat (which he said was Iguana, but I don't believe him)..then again, we are in Nosara.  After some liquid courage, we danced the night away!  Oh, and Nelson happened to be there, we gave him a hard time for not showing up on Friday, he felt badly.  I also may or may not have hitched a ride home from him on his quad.  I'm just sayin'.

Sunday was a rough start.  Going to bed somewhere between 3 and 5, means waking up at 12:30.  I slept the day away in the sun, while Rae surfed.  I said I may try it again some day, when my bruises go away, and my jaw is back to normal from when the board and my face got in a fight..and the board won.  I went to a place called, The Beach Dog Cafe, for their BBQ night, and ma-rain-gay band. 
It's pretty fun checking out all the little places around here, and tonight I'm going to Casa Tucan, another local spot.

Classes are still going well, of course, although I really need to practice more!  It is so hard, when I'm surrounded by people that speak English allll the time!  Discipline Maggie, discipline.  I got a new teacher today, who is very nice, but i was bummed, because I was just starting to get used to Silvia and her teaching style!  Hopefully Vivian will be just as good as a teacher, but she has a lot to live up to.

We are meeting new people every day, and really enjoying our time here :)  It is a beautiful place, with beautiful people..inside and out.. some of the nicest people I've ever met!

Hope all is well in the States, or wherever you are reading this from!
I do not miss the snow, but do miss mis amigos :)  I hope some of you can experience this place know, like when you have to come visit me when I move here!

Off to Casa Tucan, on the back of a Nelson's quad-my new taxi driver ;) bahahaha.


Friday, January 14, 2011

We made it to La Banana!!  We get Ice Cream now!!
Beer and Spanish homework??

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"You sound like you're from LONDON"

..yup, I definitely quoted that little phrase when we met new friends from London.
don't worry, they laughed, and I don't think they'll ditch out on us when we make plans with them!

Two girls, Hannah and Carly, are here going to my language school, and staying in a hostel down the way.  They are around 30, and super nice and funny.  I had to stop myself like five times yesterday from picking up their accent.  I was so embarrassed. 

I hitch hiked for the first time!! WooHoo.  Granted, it was only about 500 meters, but still, I stuck my thumb out (and after the first time being rejected), the second car (a man from Holland), picked up Rae, Hannah, and me!!  Don't worry, it was day light, and not dangerous at all.

I asked Shannon, the other investor in NSI, to pretend like I was his daughter, and tell me what locals to become friends with.  He said the boys at the "Tico Surfing School" which I am pretty sure are the cool kids, so I may be getting a lesson there.. or is that like paying for friends?!  eh..don't answer that, who cares!

Class is still going well!  Yesterday Rae missed her morning Yoga class, cause she missed the alarm.  Then she woke me up at 7:30ish, and I rushed out of bed, grabbed a bar and my bag and started trekking through the jungle.  I then realized that I forgot my notebook.  I ran back, grabbed it, and ran back out.  I was hustling through the Yoga school path, and finally got to the road, right as my teacher was driving by.  I said, "gracias, muchas muchas gracias."  She said, "mucho gusto!"  she said something to me in spanish, and I just assumed she was saying I was late.  I thought the same of her, because she told us that she gets to class every morning at 7am.  It wasn't until we got to class, and I sat down, that I realized what she had said to me in the car.  She had said, "Tienes temprano." which means "You're early."  THE WATCH WAS SET AN HOUR AHEAD!  She got a real kick out of it, and I made some of the strongest coffee I've ever had.  Man, what a day!

I bought a whole Sandria (Watermelon) during our break.  The boys made fun of me, but is it really that weird?!  They just don't know me yet.

Welp, just finished my Pineapple, Mango, Papaya smoothie, and off to class I go!!
Tonight will be our second attempt on making it to Reggae night at Banana, if we don't make it this time, we're really losers.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i wonder if..

...I'll ever get used to throwing the toilet paper in the garbage, instead of flushing it.
...having to wash 20 ants down the drain before I shower, will ever get old (see..I am bathing).
...sleeping with insects won't be a nightly routine.
...just sitting outside, will ever NOT feel like I am working out.

..HA..what am I kidding?!  I am in one of the coolest places on earth!  WHO CARES?!


sorry B.

I told you I had something important for you to see on here, and I forgot to put it on.  Here it is :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Harry himself..

The one and only.  In case my description wasn't good enough.

...more like two degrees of separation..

so you know how I, like most people from Wenatchee, can't go anywhere in town without running into at least one person you know?!.. well same for here in Playa Guiones as well..

My first day of Spanish class went well!  "Tenemos solamente hablo en Espanol"  we can only speak in Spanish.  I love my teacher, Silvia.  She is very nice, and very smart.  She enunciates very well, so that us "gringos" can understand her.  It feels good to pretty much understand everything she says, it is just hard when I can't translate everything that I want to say :(  There are only two other people in my class, Trevor and Joe.  We did a lot of introductions, learned about each others Familias, etc.

I did get really frustrated one time, when I was partnered with Joe to learn about his family, and we could only talk in Spanish.  I wasn't understanding what he was trying to say, so I asked him to say it in English.  He has been taking classes for two weeks prior to now, so I guess he takes it very seriously or something.  He said, "Es mas importante que solomente hablamos in Espanol en la clase."  (it is very important that we only talk in Spanish in this class)  okay smart ass..ONE, you aren't my teacher, and TWO, how am I supposed to learn anything, if I can't understand what you are saying?? like I have to compare it to something that I already know, and maybe I need to clarify it for myself.  He kept pretending he didn't know English, and would try to explain himself in another way in Spanish.  UGH, I could have slapped that bald head of his.

Any-who... every time Silvia talks about where I am from, she always makes me spell Wenatchee, and makes this expression, like "where in the world is that, and why would you live in a place that is so confusing to pronounce."  She asked the other boys if they knew where Wenatchee was, and Trevor said, "Si, mi Abuelo vive en Wenatchee."  His frickin' grandpa lives there.. don't worry it gets better.  Later, when I could speak in English (because unlike Joe, Trevor will break the "rules") he tells me that he went to Washington Elementary until like fourth grade, before he moved.  I asked if he remembered any people from there, and he said "Yeah, I used to play basketball with like Dane Peterson, and Brett Peterson."  Then I told him that I know those boys really well, ya know, like Brett was Joel's best man.  Then he looked at my last name, and goes, "oh, Joel Hewitt?  Yeah, I am pretty sure I played YMCA basketball with him."  Seriously?..seriously.

So Rae and I compromised on a pretty sweet schedule today.  She goes to class from 6-9. Has a break, and goes back from 11-2:30.  I go to class from 8-12.  Then I lay by the pool, until she has her 2:30 break, and she meets me there.  We walk back toward our hotel, and get our big meal of the day around 4:30.  Then we go watch the sunset, and she goes back to class from 6:30-9.  That is when I get to chill out, and come hang with Guido and the gang at the restaurant in our hotel.  She meets me here after class, and we blog.  I think it will turn out to be a good schedule.

Still haven't quite accomplished any of the big things on our list, but we haven't given up yet.  The chocolate croissants are still calling our names.  We did some scouting at the beach today, to get a better grasp on the people around us.  We noticed that actually everyone comes out to the beach at sunset, so we may have to make a new name for ourselves besides the "sunset girls," seeing as though people may confuse us for the 100 other girls that appear at that time as well.

The pool at Hotel 506 (where my classes are) that we get to take sweet advantage of.

A smoothie that Rae gulped down before our wrap came :)

Our chicken wrap from Robin's, that we split tonight.  Not nearly as good as the spicy tofu one, but we settled, since she didn't have anymore tofu.

A secret path to the beach, that Jennifer (a local girl that owns a jewelry store here..i met her dad on my last flight) drove us to today.  Yup, our first semi-hitch hike.

Rae walking from the secret spot, to where the cool kids sit.

That little girl has been at the beach the last two times we have gone.  And I kept snapping photos of her, because she is a replica of me, 19 years ago.  Attitude and everything. 

One of the cool kids..  creepy stalker-ish of me?? Noooo


*insert caption here*

Sunday, January 9, 2011

one step forward, two steps back.

So, I think we got a little ahead of ourselves.
Those Americans from Cali that we thought was going to be our first "in" to transportation, were not our saving grace.  As hard as it is to admit, last night, we got stood up!!!!   Yeah, like in the movies.  The one where Rae asks them for their number, and they even give it to her, and then she calls, and he answers!  She says, "Jacob? Hey it's Rae from Cafe de....beep...beep...beep" YEAH..HE HUNG UP!  We think, oh, that had to be a mistake.  So she calls back, this time, he didn't even answer!!

How in the world are we supposed to do the things the cool kids do, if people stand us up?!
That is something we have got to work on.

On the better side of things, the one and only Coconut Harry actually said hello to us..TWICE.
If he isn't a cool guy, we don't know who is.  He is semi-local man who started "Coconut Harry's Surf Shop" here in Costa Rica.  Pretty much a legend.  Tall lean man, ridiculously tan, leathery skin.  He has got to be like 60, but probably has looked the exact same since he was 25.  He has long, super bleached out, blond hair..  The first time we went to the beach, he was standing on a rock watching the sunset.  We both decided he had to be some sort of Guru..just the way he was standing, and interacting with people.  Turns out..he is THE Coconut Harry.

So between that, the great brunch we had, and a day in the sun, we feel a little better now.

Tonight Rachael is at her orientation..and first day of class for the both of us tomorrow!
The lazy daily routine that we had created for ourselves is about to be hindered starting tomorrow :(

Wish us luck!!

OH, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Joel today :)  Love You Brother!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


The smallest plane I've ever been in!

A view from my last flight!

The terminal in Nosara.. HAHAHA  -only kidding-  I didn't really know what was going on, but my friend that I met named Steve, turned to me as we were landing, and said "welcome to Nosara"  I just went with it, and started laughing hysterically.  Then he turned around, and said he was joking.  It is a town called Punta Islita, just a pit stop on the way.  Those people really did get off there, and that really is the terminal in the background.  :)

This is on our walk from the restaurant/cafe/hotel lobby/pool, to our room.  The sign says that the lot is for sale, and to ask the manager for more info.  aka- my future home..mi casa futuro.

This is Robin's.  She is a French woman who moved here a few years ago, and opened the cafe.  We get coffee here in the mornings, haven't tried the food yet, but it looks delicious.  She is known especially for her ice cream, and we get to try that when one of our goals is complete :)

Rae, in the entrance to her yoga institute, at the opposite end of the path from the direction where we live.

At least they are honest!!  This is in the parking lot of the institute!

We are hoping we do not have to attend, however, if we have too much fun at La Banana, we are fortunate enough to have this right down the road.

Grass hoppers.  No Joke.  4" long.

When can we sit with the cool kids?

Where to start?  It has only been two days, and there is so much to share!

We decided to try and fit right in with the crowd on Thursday night, and hit up "La Banana" down the road, for reggae night.  With head lamps in hand (Rae told me it wasn't cool to actually wear them on your head) we hesitated, but started the journey. 

Not cool?
Although it is just over a half mile away, we got about 30 feet down the dirt road (no street lights of course) and.. WEIRD.. Maggie got paranoid.  We rationalized that it is only our first night, so it was okay if we went to bed at 9:30 that night.  We will still have like 3 more reggae nights to attend!

Friday (yesterday) was definitely a pretty successful day.  We got up, got coffee, got smoothies (decided we should ask them to blend in our protein powder next time, seeing that it gets a bit clumpy if we do it ourselves), and headed to see Rae's Yoga Institute on the little path off of the main road.  You truly feel like you are in the Jungle.  It is really pretty though. 
On the secret path!

We found the institute, and it is so beautiful!!  Rachael's schedule is a bit more demanding than mine, so she was not too excited about that one.  (conversation: "I hope the Sunday morning class is optional," Rae.  "I hope you graduate," Maggie)  Oh, and guess what?!  After walking through the yoga institute and made it back to the main road, we were RIGHT across from La Banana!!  We decided we would try that route next time, seeing as though half of it was lit! 

Not too far down the road from that, is my Spanish school!  We met Marco (the owner) and he took us on a tour.  The school is located within a resort type place.  Most of the condos are owned, and some rented out.  They have two of the rooms designated to classes.  The pool there is wonderful!  Marco said we can come swimming ANYTIME!  We decided that it is a good place to get our tans before we hit the beach and have competition with the beautiful locals.  We rushed back to our room and got our suits on and went back to lay out.  I had a 10 minute interview for my placement, and went back to the pool.  My instructor, Sylvia, is soooo nice.  She said there may be two or 3 people in my class, and she thinks I will pick it up quickly..lets hope she is right.  She said we will get out of the classroom a lot.  They will take us into town, to the beach, etc, to practice our conversational skills.  Can't wait to start on Monday!! (then of course lay by the pool RIGHT after class :) )

In front of one of the classroom doors.

We headed down to the beach for sunset, where we realized a few things.  It was like we were sitting in the cafeteria for lunch, and you could see the different groups of people.  That was the first time that we realized we were not "cool kids" yet.  We did, however, figure out who the cool kids were.  They were the guys from "Nosara Tico Surfing School"  Beautiful local guys with long hair and more than perfect bodies.  hahaha..we knew we should have accepted the ride on the ATV from one of them that had offered it to us the day before.  But soon enough, we will be friends with them, don't you worry!
We got back to our room, showered (it was necessary), ate dinner, and actually made it to La Banana for Latina night.  Unfortunately, that was the second time we realized we weren't cool kids, because the cool kids aren't the first ones at the bar!..enough said.  We have got some things to figure out.

In the end, everyone here has been very nice to us.  Robin, who owns "Robin's" (original, I know) already remembers us when we go to her cafe, just a few doors down.  Today we went to get coffee, and she was so impressed that we brought back our cups from yesterday..which actually benefited us more, because we weren't charged the to-go fee.  Fabien, and all of his staff are extremely nice and helpful, even if they don't speak English, even "Guido"-the guy that picked me up from the Nosara airport.  After Fabien kindly informed me that I needed to pay him for the ride, he seemed to warm up to us..oops!  And all the locals that we have mustered up the confidence to talk to, have been very talkative and informative.

A few key goals for the trip:
1.  Sit with the cool kids at sunset, and when we do, we get to reward ourselves with a chocolate croissant from the cafe :)
2.  Befriend people with transportation, preferably some that are staying at our hotel. (as I am typing this, Rae is behind me, mingling, and meets some people, originally from Cali, that live around here, with a car)
3.  Not be the first ones to the bar.
4.  Eat the fewest calories we can without passing out.
5.  Get as tan as the locals..or close to.
6.  Feel cool enough to say "Pura Vida"  the local phrase, meaning Pure Life.
7.  Learn to surf with the locals, without having to pay for a board.

That's all for now, we are missing quality sun time!! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

cafe de paris

Here I am! :)

It is beautiful.
Rachael should be here tonight!
can't wait.


I'm aaallllmost there!!
Flights were both very pleasant.  Mr. Grumpy Gills in seat 2E next to me woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  That, or he was hard of hearing.. I guess my initial, "lots of kids on this flight, eh?"  wasn't that funny to him at 1 o'clock in the morning, with a crying infant behind us.
Getting through immigration and customs was a sinch.  There was no line, and my bag was present!
My shuttle driver was indeed holding a "Margaret Hewitt" sign, so no yelling was required.
 I just checked in for my second flight.  Funny guy behind the counter looked at me directly in the eyes, and asked very seriously if I had sky-diving experience.  My heart dropped, and he laughed.
My carry-on was to big for the second flight.  Instead of making me take stuff out, I had to check it, and pay $20...not sure how that really evens out with the whole weight limit thing?
..and then I had to actually step on the scale..rude.

So here I sit at the Pavas airport.  I have a 2 hour wait until I put my life in the hands of a Costa Rican Pilot, and two small propellers.

adios :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

first stop

After getting a little lost on the way to SEA TAC from IKEA, I made it to the airport, and through security!  I can't complain, it is no doubt Tammy and Janet got me here with more time to spare than a certain uncle may names will be mentioned :)

I am sitting at the gate, waiting to depart to Denver!

OH..and no, unfortunately I did not make it to second base with any member of the TSA team..should have worn my turban.

staying out of the navigation discussion in the seats in front of me

away i go   

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

twas the night before..

welp. off to Costa Rica tomorrow...

*Seattle, WA to Denver, CO
*Denver, CO to San Jose, CR
-shuttle from one airport to another in San Jose...rumor has it after going through customs, and riding down an escalator, someone will be yelling my name with matching itinerary, and direct me to my shuttle.
*San Jose, CR to Nosara, CR (google the planes on Natureair..hillarious)
-Fabien (manager of the hotel I am staying at) told me he will be awaiting me.  I asked him how I would know it was him, and he responded with "not many people will be there, I drive a toyota...color:gris (grey)"  in a very thick Spanish accent.

:) wish me luck.