Sunday, January 9, 2011

one step forward, two steps back.

So, I think we got a little ahead of ourselves.
Those Americans from Cali that we thought was going to be our first "in" to transportation, were not our saving grace.  As hard as it is to admit, last night, we got stood up!!!!   Yeah, like in the movies.  The one where Rae asks them for their number, and they even give it to her, and then she calls, and he answers!  She says, "Jacob? Hey it's Rae from Cafe de....beep...beep...beep" YEAH..HE HUNG UP!  We think, oh, that had to be a mistake.  So she calls back, this time, he didn't even answer!!

How in the world are we supposed to do the things the cool kids do, if people stand us up?!
That is something we have got to work on.

On the better side of things, the one and only Coconut Harry actually said hello to us..TWICE.
If he isn't a cool guy, we don't know who is.  He is semi-local man who started "Coconut Harry's Surf Shop" here in Costa Rica.  Pretty much a legend.  Tall lean man, ridiculously tan, leathery skin.  He has got to be like 60, but probably has looked the exact same since he was 25.  He has long, super bleached out, blond hair..  The first time we went to the beach, he was standing on a rock watching the sunset.  We both decided he had to be some sort of Guru..just the way he was standing, and interacting with people.  Turns out..he is THE Coconut Harry.

So between that, the great brunch we had, and a day in the sun, we feel a little better now.

Tonight Rachael is at her orientation..and first day of class for the both of us tomorrow!
The lazy daily routine that we had created for ourselves is about to be hindered starting tomorrow :(

Wish us luck!!

OH, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Joel today :)  Love You Brother!!

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  1. Loving your updates Maggs :) Got to see your bro last night, I was their DD/taco bell runner, so fun xoxo