Friday, January 28, 2011

Fiestas Nosara!!

We are so lucky to be here during the annual Fiestas Nosara!!

Once a year, on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.. Nosara hosts a huuuuge fiesta.  There is a rodeo every day/night, games, food, drinks.. kind of carnival-ish.  Lots of people come from all over, and the whole town goes crazy!!  There is a "queen Nosara" contest, where girls walk around wearing little to nothing, and sell tickets to the rodeo.. the one that sells the most wins a motorcycle.

Rae, Nelson, and I were supposed to go last night, but she ditched us :(  "estoyyyy enfeeermoooo"  boooo.  well we went anyways, and it was hilarious.  We walked around, drank some beer, ate some carni-costa rican food..etc...   I said, "let's go into the rodeo!" but he told me it costs 2,000 calones per person ($4)  I thought it was a jip, we'd just watch it on Saturday or something, but we pawned some tickets for half price, and went in.  The arena is built with a bunch of 2'x4' s, about 8' high.  There were guys sitting all along the top, all the way around.  There is a pathway between the arena, and the bleachers.  The bleachers were really high up, to see over the railing of the arena.  Nelson was like, "we can sit here," meaning...on the ground like under the bleachers kinda.  I thought he was kidding.. I suggested we go sit in the bleachers, but that was a whole different ticket.  We were officially not cool kids again.  So we sat on the ground and watched through the fence posts.

The big event-like thing is crazy men trying to ride bulls, only holding onto a rope.  Then when they get flung off, all these other crazy guys are running around the arena, getting chased by the bull.  They aggravate it until it charges, and run from it, usually sliding under the fence to get away...or climbing up it.  Then the girls who are trying to be the queen, were driven in in their chariot...  a blue astro-van, where they then performed a dance, that I would compare to the apple-ettes at half time.  I was just goin with it, laughing the whole time, and thinking, man, this is just the first day of this... so much more to come!

The girls getting out of their chariot, about to "dance".  Just take a minute and appreciate everything about this..including the "ambulancia"
Crazy Loco men pissing off the bull, and running for their lives.

Box seats baaaaaaaby.
...and the view from our box seats.  ooooh what an experience. Cant wait for the next 3 days.  Maybe we'll splurge one day, and actually sit in the "bleachers"  Which.. I am not sure is even safe.. but whatever, it's Costa Rica!

 hmm... what else is new?!
We officially have extended our trip until sometime in March.  We found another Casita (like what we live in now) in the same place.. but this one is privately owned, so it is like half the price.  A little smaller size, but still two beds, bathroom, closet, and this one even has a little kitchenette!!!  Big news.  Oh, and it is riiiiight next door to the twins (from Connecticut) ..who loooooove to cook..which is niiiiice.

We finally paid to have our laundry done.  You can only wash clothes for so long in the sink/shower. We decided it was about time, since my swimsuit actually smelt badly, and we were down to only a few clean items.. Today we picked our clothes up, and felt rich!  Can't wait to put them away :)  oohhh. the little things in life.

Still trying to figure out how we can manage living here.  Business plans will soon be in progress.  OR we could marry some Ticos, and have permanent residency.. or even better.  If you have a baby.. HAHAH just kidding...only jooooookes people.  Don't tell my mom I said that.

I went surfing again.  Not as sore as last time, which is nice.  I finally decided to take Nelson up on his free lesson offer.  I joined in a class with another girl that we met here from Seattle.  I stood up every time except maybe 5.. only in the white water of course.. I think that's my max.

Played a futbol game in the sand with a bunch of randoms..some yogi's, some locals, and the twins.  We played for about an hour or so..I was exhausted.  Not working out for 3 weeks, was not working in my favor.  It was a lot of fun though!  We had to take a half time water break.. and by water break, I don't mean drinking water, I mean jumping in the ocean, of course!  ahhh. what a life.

I think that is pretty much it so far!  Just livin' the dream.  Literally.  I know reality is in my future, don't worry, but I'm just gonna put it off for a liiiiiiitle bit.  You should try it...its worth it.

Shots at Casa Tucan before heading to Nosara town to go to the TROPI. :)

One of our favorite places to eat.  Dos Lorenas, right across from my school!

I'm a surfer chick.  Legit huh??

Showed up to the beach, to find this.  Awwww porbrecita!  Good thing we showed up to sit with her at sunset :)  She is a cool kid.

ohhh... and  Rae always shows us up on her yoga moves at sunset.. so when we went to Playa Ostional the other day, we decided to surprise her with some moves of our own.  Who says we aren't  Yogis?!


  1. Hi, Maggie! We have just returned from NZ and have read all the blogs! Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. I'm so glad. Why don't you write a blog en espanol, por favor? I am very jealous and think I should attend this school to improve my Spanish which I would love to do. Perhaps you will instruct me when you return.

  2. ohhh its just that i love u sooooo..... you make me smile and my heart happy :) <3 i adore you my little costa rican! aka: tico-- duh. xxo babe

  3. You are hilarious and such a big spender! Glad you are able to stay a little longer so you can work on your tan (NOT).

  4. Sister!!! Love the pics you look quite beautiful with your sun kissed tan giant smile :D I am so glad you are having so much fun, now that you are staying longer maybe we can visit!!!!!! lol in my dreams! What is this business idea thing??????? Miss you! Sorry I keep missing you on skype :( LOVE YOU!

  5. Maggie, i'm loving everything about this trip. Your pictures are amazing, your stories are borderline crazy and your friend Nelson isn't so bad to look at either ;) jk. Keep up on the great details, i'm lovin' it! Oh hey, and make the most out of your extension!!!! Love you!
    PS The whole fam-damily says, "Hola!!" We're all over staying with Jenn and the kids before I leave on Monday :D

  6. I can feel the happy in your posts...which in turn makes me happy! :) You are beautiful! xoxo