Friday, January 21, 2011

que pasa calabaza?!..

en ingles- whats up pumpkin!

I started saying that phrase in 9th grade when I learned the word calabaza, because it rhymes with que pasa.  You see, in the states, people think it is funny because they don't know what calabaza means.  But here, people actually translate it, and look at me like I'm a freak.  :) oops.

Seriously, the time is flyyyyyying by.  Rae and I are talking about extending our stay :/  Just through February though.  I don't think I could leave in just over 2 weeks.  Necesito mas tiempo.

This week has been really fun!  Meeting more and more people every day.  Every day mi amigo, Nelson, says to me "I can teach you how to surf..lets do a just need the right teacher..I know you can do it" but I think he is crazy.  I still haven't hit the waves (las olas) again, maaaaybe I will.  I think I want to cash in all of his offers on lessons for a canopy tour in the jungle!  I wonder if he'll go for that.

Yesterday morning, my class was switched from 8-12 to 5-9.  Yeah, 5-9 in the morning.  Seems like a joke, but it was because we were taking a field trip to see the Tortugas!!!!  Like real life Crush and Squirt!  The only problem is, I slept through my alarm, and missed the bus.  I was actually really bummed.  I woke up at 5:15, ran out to the front of Cafe de Paris in my booty shorts and tank top, and it was like a dramatic scene from a movie.  the end.  :) I got over it though, when my classmate said they ended up having to pay 10 dollars each, so I'll just get a local to take me for free.  That's how I work here now.. :)

Last night was Reggae night at La Banana!!  Rae got out of class at 8:30, and we went to a pizzeria- il basilico- first.  Got 2 for 1 margaritas, and pizza.  Then we walked down to La Banana.  Rachael danced the night away..and I was having a sweating problem.  Haha..typical.  I sat in the outside window edge all night trying to stay alive.  After a couple beers, I was practicing my Spanish with our friend Jairo (high-doe..say it fast, and roll the r)  It was funny, because we are total opposites.  I can understand Spanish, and only speak a little..and he can understand English, and only speaks a little.  I think most of our conversation was sign language..which, if I'm not pretty fluent in Spanish when I leave here, I will be able to communicate in every language, simply with signing.  Jairo drove both of us home in his motocicleta.  That was a trip for sure..don't tell my mom.  I kept saying "No diga mi mama, no feliz, no feliz"  I can believe I actually woke up this morning in time to come drink my smoothie and blog..seeing as though we went to bed at 3 am.

As far as everything else, nothing is really new to this point.  Our days are in a pretty steady routine.  This weekend there is a little surf competition here in Playa Guiones.  I was thinking about signing up, but decided it wasn't big enough of a tournament for me to do ;)  Next weekend (thurs-sun) is a big annual festival in the town of Nosara.  Big parade, rodeo, music, etc.  People come from all over-I'm thinking it is like Apple Blossom kinda.  They have a pageant too..except their girls walk down the parade route in lingerie.. just a tad different than Wenatchee I guess.

Still loving it here :) love love love.  I'll put pictures up later..I have to actually make it to class today :)

Pura Vida!

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