Thursday, January 13, 2011

"You sound like you're from LONDON"

..yup, I definitely quoted that little phrase when we met new friends from London.
don't worry, they laughed, and I don't think they'll ditch out on us when we make plans with them!

Two girls, Hannah and Carly, are here going to my language school, and staying in a hostel down the way.  They are around 30, and super nice and funny.  I had to stop myself like five times yesterday from picking up their accent.  I was so embarrassed. 

I hitch hiked for the first time!! WooHoo.  Granted, it was only about 500 meters, but still, I stuck my thumb out (and after the first time being rejected), the second car (a man from Holland), picked up Rae, Hannah, and me!!  Don't worry, it was day light, and not dangerous at all.

I asked Shannon, the other investor in NSI, to pretend like I was his daughter, and tell me what locals to become friends with.  He said the boys at the "Tico Surfing School" which I am pretty sure are the cool kids, so I may be getting a lesson there.. or is that like paying for friends?!  eh..don't answer that, who cares!

Class is still going well!  Yesterday Rae missed her morning Yoga class, cause she missed the alarm.  Then she woke me up at 7:30ish, and I rushed out of bed, grabbed a bar and my bag and started trekking through the jungle.  I then realized that I forgot my notebook.  I ran back, grabbed it, and ran back out.  I was hustling through the Yoga school path, and finally got to the road, right as my teacher was driving by.  I said, "gracias, muchas muchas gracias."  She said, "mucho gusto!"  she said something to me in spanish, and I just assumed she was saying I was late.  I thought the same of her, because she told us that she gets to class every morning at 7am.  It wasn't until we got to class, and I sat down, that I realized what she had said to me in the car.  She had said, "Tienes temprano." which means "You're early."  THE WATCH WAS SET AN HOUR AHEAD!  She got a real kick out of it, and I made some of the strongest coffee I've ever had.  Man, what a day!

I bought a whole Sandria (Watermelon) during our break.  The boys made fun of me, but is it really that weird?!  They just don't know me yet.

Welp, just finished my Pineapple, Mango, Papaya smoothie, and off to class I go!!
Tonight will be our second attempt on making it to Reggae night at Banana, if we don't make it this time, we're really losers.

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  1. also, if you haven't noticed- i JUST figured out how to do the blog thing.... and just so you know-- i think you are the best person alive :) xoxoxo (well rach too-- o ok and dakota....)