Saturday, January 8, 2011

When can we sit with the cool kids?

Where to start?  It has only been two days, and there is so much to share!

We decided to try and fit right in with the crowd on Thursday night, and hit up "La Banana" down the road, for reggae night.  With head lamps in hand (Rae told me it wasn't cool to actually wear them on your head) we hesitated, but started the journey. 

Not cool?
Although it is just over a half mile away, we got about 30 feet down the dirt road (no street lights of course) and.. WEIRD.. Maggie got paranoid.  We rationalized that it is only our first night, so it was okay if we went to bed at 9:30 that night.  We will still have like 3 more reggae nights to attend!

Friday (yesterday) was definitely a pretty successful day.  We got up, got coffee, got smoothies (decided we should ask them to blend in our protein powder next time, seeing that it gets a bit clumpy if we do it ourselves), and headed to see Rae's Yoga Institute on the little path off of the main road.  You truly feel like you are in the Jungle.  It is really pretty though. 
On the secret path!

We found the institute, and it is so beautiful!!  Rachael's schedule is a bit more demanding than mine, so she was not too excited about that one.  (conversation: "I hope the Sunday morning class is optional," Rae.  "I hope you graduate," Maggie)  Oh, and guess what?!  After walking through the yoga institute and made it back to the main road, we were RIGHT across from La Banana!!  We decided we would try that route next time, seeing as though half of it was lit! 

Not too far down the road from that, is my Spanish school!  We met Marco (the owner) and he took us on a tour.  The school is located within a resort type place.  Most of the condos are owned, and some rented out.  They have two of the rooms designated to classes.  The pool there is wonderful!  Marco said we can come swimming ANYTIME!  We decided that it is a good place to get our tans before we hit the beach and have competition with the beautiful locals.  We rushed back to our room and got our suits on and went back to lay out.  I had a 10 minute interview for my placement, and went back to the pool.  My instructor, Sylvia, is soooo nice.  She said there may be two or 3 people in my class, and she thinks I will pick it up quickly..lets hope she is right.  She said we will get out of the classroom a lot.  They will take us into town, to the beach, etc, to practice our conversational skills.  Can't wait to start on Monday!! (then of course lay by the pool RIGHT after class :) )

In front of one of the classroom doors.

We headed down to the beach for sunset, where we realized a few things.  It was like we were sitting in the cafeteria for lunch, and you could see the different groups of people.  That was the first time that we realized we were not "cool kids" yet.  We did, however, figure out who the cool kids were.  They were the guys from "Nosara Tico Surfing School"  Beautiful local guys with long hair and more than perfect bodies.  hahaha..we knew we should have accepted the ride on the ATV from one of them that had offered it to us the day before.  But soon enough, we will be friends with them, don't you worry!
We got back to our room, showered (it was necessary), ate dinner, and actually made it to La Banana for Latina night.  Unfortunately, that was the second time we realized we weren't cool kids, because the cool kids aren't the first ones at the bar!..enough said.  We have got some things to figure out.

In the end, everyone here has been very nice to us.  Robin, who owns "Robin's" (original, I know) already remembers us when we go to her cafe, just a few doors down.  Today we went to get coffee, and she was so impressed that we brought back our cups from yesterday..which actually benefited us more, because we weren't charged the to-go fee.  Fabien, and all of his staff are extremely nice and helpful, even if they don't speak English, even "Guido"-the guy that picked me up from the Nosara airport.  After Fabien kindly informed me that I needed to pay him for the ride, he seemed to warm up to us..oops!  And all the locals that we have mustered up the confidence to talk to, have been very talkative and informative.

A few key goals for the trip:
1.  Sit with the cool kids at sunset, and when we do, we get to reward ourselves with a chocolate croissant from the cafe :)
2.  Befriend people with transportation, preferably some that are staying at our hotel. (as I am typing this, Rae is behind me, mingling, and meets some people, originally from Cali, that live around here, with a car)
3.  Not be the first ones to the bar.
4.  Eat the fewest calories we can without passing out.
5.  Get as tan as the locals..or close to.
6.  Feel cool enough to say "Pura Vida"  the local phrase, meaning Pure Life.
7.  Learn to surf with the locals, without having to pay for a board.

That's all for now, we are missing quality sun time!! :)


  1. Of course you met the "surfer boys". Have fun -be careful of "snakes" in the jungle!

  2. I love it! It is just like having a converstion with you. Hugs from home! We miss you! I'm with Janet about the "surfer boys"! I am sure you will be buddies in no time! I would be scared of going thru the jungle in the dark too.

  3. p.s u ARE the cool kids!!! but also, i know some cool kids there other than you, and emailed emily to tell her to meet you guys--- she said come find them! they're the 3 most gorgeous people on the beach other than u and rae rae rae :) spencer kinda looks like dakota but with short hair- em is tallish brown hair loooonng legs and freckles-- and gavin, the naked, BLONDE BLONDE baby will be close by putting sand in his ears.... hahaha anyways, hug them for me!! you'll see them at sunset :)