Saturday, January 8, 2011


The smallest plane I've ever been in!

A view from my last flight!

The terminal in Nosara.. HAHAHA  -only kidding-  I didn't really know what was going on, but my friend that I met named Steve, turned to me as we were landing, and said "welcome to Nosara"  I just went with it, and started laughing hysterically.  Then he turned around, and said he was joking.  It is a town called Punta Islita, just a pit stop on the way.  Those people really did get off there, and that really is the terminal in the background.  :)

This is on our walk from the restaurant/cafe/hotel lobby/pool, to our room.  The sign says that the lot is for sale, and to ask the manager for more info.  aka- my future home..mi casa futuro.

This is Robin's.  She is a French woman who moved here a few years ago, and opened the cafe.  We get coffee here in the mornings, haven't tried the food yet, but it looks delicious.  She is known especially for her ice cream, and we get to try that when one of our goals is complete :)

Rae, in the entrance to her yoga institute, at the opposite end of the path from the direction where we live.

At least they are honest!!  This is in the parking lot of the institute!

We are hoping we do not have to attend, however, if we have too much fun at La Banana, we are fortunate enough to have this right down the road.

Grass hoppers.  No Joke.  4" long.

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