Tuesday, March 8, 2011

well, well, well.

I would LOVE to just continue doing picture posts, HOWEVER, (don't tell Tammy) but my camera no esta funcionando.  Entonces, necesito escribir de mis dias aqui.

Some of you may know already, some may not... I got Married!  It was a hard decision, but I felt that it was just the right thing to do.  It will be great, because I will have residency, and it will be ten times more easy for Nelson to get a visa to come see all of you. : )  Hope you are all happy for us.  just kidding.

I am actually working here full time (at the Healing Centre).  It is crazy how things work out...when you LEAST expect it.  The girl that got hired before me, got fired.  Oops..that sucks for her.  Good for me though!  So now my days consist of working from either 7:30-1:30 or 1:30-7:30.  We had a few days last week without many appointments, but all of the sudden, we are super swamped.  And with no one available to really cover a full shift, Katy and I are working A LOT.  For instance, today, I worked from 7:30-1:30 (it is Katy's day off, so Gabbie is covering from 1:30-3:30) and then I'm back on from 3:30-7:30 (which means more like 8).  I can't complain really, because it is a J-O-B!  I LOVE it.  I am learning so much too.  All of the products used at the Healing Centre are all natural.  If they don't come from our property (lemons, sugar cane, etc), they come from around Costa Rica.  Only 2 products come from out of the country.  The Hotel Harmony, which is the property the Healing Centre is on, is that way as well.  I got to take the "sustainability" tour the other day.  We were taken all around the property to see the compost, the mulch, the recycling center, the laundry, etc.  It was amazing to see how thorough they are about sustaining.  Last year, the hotel only threw out 26% of what they used.  They were able to recycle 74% of it.  Wooohoo.

I am back to being an old lady (commonly refer to myself as Abuelita (little grandma) or Vieja (old woman).  No joke, the other night, I went to bed at 7:30...OUT.  This working thing is sure hard on me.  I enjoy the sleep though.  Now that my "vacation" is over, its just back to a normal life.  And by normal, I mean the 80-90 degree weather, going to the beach in my free time, etc. : )  Haven't really fiesta-ed it up lately either!  We did go to another rodeo the other night, in a near by "town".  It was much smaller than last time, but pretty much the same deal.  This time, since we were so close to home, I made nelson drive me to an actual bathroom instead of paying the 50 cents.  We ended up eating at a nearby restaurant, and took those beers to go, and went back to the rodeo.  I just about fell asleep in the stands, and with the grandmother in me... I was still in bed by 10. 

I went surfing again! Go me.  And guess what?  I did it all on my own!  Nelson only pushed me like 3 times.  I caught some little waves (still haven't gone past the break really, and haven't graduated from a soft top) but I am totally okay with it.  If it happens, it happens.  If it doesn't, it doesn't.  I thought surfing was exhausting before, but after having to do all the work myself, I was spent after about 45 minutes.  Great workout though, so that is a plus.  AND, half of my body still gets a tan, which is nice.

Met 5 woman who are staying at the hotel, and always in the Healing Centre.  They are all so wonderful.  I was able to set them up with surf lessons, and had the morning off, so I took pictures for them during their lesson.  They LOVED it.   They are all here from all around the world for a 50th birthday/reunion.  A couple of them are thinking about going to Manuel Antonio (down the coast) tomorrow, for a night or two.  If I can make it work.. I might just join them : )

Hmmm... what else?  Still practicing mi Espanol.  Two therapists, the gardener, and the maid all only speak Spanish.  It is great practice, and it feels good to be able to communicate in another language.  Most of the security guards only speak Spanish too.  I have to communicate with them also, when opening/closing the Healing Centre.

Still miss all of you guys!  It is fun to see when I have a new follower, or a new comment!  I have been so bad about updating my blog more frequently, but it is so hard.  Well, not hard, just weird, because like I said, I'm not really on vacation anymore...I actually live here.  So, just writing about my everyday life is kind of boring.  I'm trying though!

I need to take a nap, shower, and eat, before returning to work!
Here I go.  I'll be on Skype from 3:30-7:30 (my time).  If you can, get on and chat with me!

Pura Vida.  Nelson says, "surf more...work less"


  1. You kill me! Awesome first paragraph.

  2. I'm not quite sure what prompted the second paragraph, it was a little cruel but mostly funny. And I'm loving the sustainability thing, and I love the fact that you're surfing!!