Sunday, February 27, 2011

picture update!!

Nothing like a little laundry in the bathroom sink.  You know, the same place where we brush our teeth, wash our hands, and some of our dishes.  We may or may not have eaten that whole jar of peanut butter in 3 days... I'm just saying.  I made the executive decision that we cannot buy any more. : )

Sober...kinda.  Just an example of a typical walk home from reggae night at La Banana.  Right before we hitched home.  This pose may have been what pulled the car over...

And this is where we do the rest of the dishes.  Rae decided that we may develop back problems, I agreed.  Oh, and by we, I mean Rae and Nelson.  Because I have the most free time, and like cooking, I cook and they do the dishes.  I think I won on that trade.

A friendly little lizard on our ceiling!  They are our friends.  They eat the bugs, so the bugs cannot eat us!

Hey Nelson... This is what happens when you put a 40 in the freezer, and forget about it over night.  Made a mess in the freezer, AND wasted a beer.  Rookie mistake.  BUT, it made for a funny story, and photo!

Just enjoying the benefits of my roommate being in pranassage training.  I (along with the twins who gratefully volunteered) are always around when Rae needs to practice.  Nothing like a little yoga, next to the beds, next to the kitchen, next to the closet, and the bathroom.  Would hate for any wasted space.  This way, if you need to change your clothes, or grab a drink, it is all possible within an arms reach!

Hmm... who's idea was it to try to ollie over the bike with the skateboard?!  I won't mention any names.  It did seem like great fun, until the board hit the bike seat, and it snapped off.  Spent a good 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get the seat back on the bike.  Thanks to a local resident in the apartment next door, a few whacks with a hammer, and pulls with a wrench, the bike was back to normal... or close to.

We went to dinner at Lucy's cute little casita in central Nosara.  Her brother was in town from San Jose, and cooked a very delicious dinner!  She has a cashew tree on her property, along with many other fruits and veggies.  This is James with a post fired cashew.  You slam it between two rocks, and peel off the skin, and you have a warm and toasty cashew!  It was so cool to experience this.  That is until the twins realized that are apparently allergic to cashew oil, and now have a rash... including places that you would rather not.

What do you do when there are too many tourists in town, and all the local beers are sold out of the mini super?  You buy TECATE!  Nothin' like drinking Mexican beer in Central America.  At least we are close!  This one is for my Mexican brother!

...and what do you do when all of the local beer is sold out of the mini super, and all of the Tecate is gone too?  You buy Budweiser... duh!  I just about peed my pants when Nelson came back and said, "Hey, have you even had this beer?  All the Imperials, Pilsens, and Tano's were gone, the Tecate was all gone too!"  So this one goes out to all of you Americans.  Even more than Tecate, I never thought I would be drinking Budweiser in Costa Rica.  Seems just wrong!

MMMMMmmmm... Tico rice, home made tomato sauce with veggies, and check out the 4 shrimp/ HUGE steak of some sort of fish... fresh off of the fish truck!  The only hard part is that with only two burners, you have to cook strategically.  Makes for a lot of re washing dishes, and organization!  All worth it though!
Okay.. So there is a project going on here in Costa Rica to save the Howler Monkeys.  If you go to the website above, you can read more about it.  Basically, the electricity lines here are not insulated.  The monkeys (naturally) are using them to swing on, just like the do branches of trees.  If a howler gets electrocuted, and survives, it needs to be rehabilitated.  And when a mama howler gets electrocuted, what do you think happens to her babies?  They are without a mom : (  The goal is to insulate all of the power lines around here, or put them underground.  A woman named Brenda let Lise, Todd, and me come to her house, and see the natural/man-made enclosure that has been built in her back yard.  Here, she rehabilitates the monkeys that need help, before sending them to the next step down location.  She just released seven of them there, and five more are getting ready to go.  There are a couple that are in this enclosure as well that may never be released, due to age and whatnot.  She is a brilliant and wonderful lady.  Please read more, and feel free to donate through the website... 

OH, and did I forget to mention the 4 BABIES that she has inside her house?!?!?!?!?!  My dream... holding baby monkeys.  They were too too too precious : )  On my right was Emma (about 5 months) and on my left was Jerry (about 3 months).  I cannot even believe I got to hold these little creatures!  Truly amazing.

Apparently Jerry didn't want me to leave either.  He was holding on to my hair!  I didn't even have to hold him, he was doing all the work!!!   Great day.


  1. could you be ANY cooler/more beautiful/funner/more awesome/ the best ever?!?! ooohhhhh i love u <3

  2. Maggie!!!! I haven't been able to read all of your blogs but i will be sure to sit down and read them all. I scrolled through the picture and i just want to say that you like so beautiful and happy and i'm wishing you nothing but happiness. I love you Maggie Hewitt. P.S who is the cute boy in your pictures...i like. ;) ha

    p.s I'm with Caitrin and she says HIII!!

  3. I love that one of the monkeys was named Emma. When she was little she asked for a monkey for years, even checked books out from the library trying to figure out how to take care of it at home :) So fun talking with you the other day! We will skype again soon! xoxo