Friday, February 11, 2011

estoy feliz. :) siempre.

On our way to the sunset on Saturday with a little somethin' somethin' fun to drink!!
Hmm.. seems to be a pattern here. of Maggie eating!
well.  isn't that just the cutest thing you've ever seen?
actually, this might be.  not sure.  Lucy and James at the sunset on Monday!
Maggie, Jasper, and Justin!  Jasper's last sunset :(  We miss you!!!
Doing my housewife duties in our new cute little casita!

This is why we wear head lamps here in the jungle.  When Rae was walking back from yoga, she had forgotten her head lamp, and fell.  Dr. James Harris decided he would take care of her!  cute.

The front of our casita duplex.  The twins are number 4, and we are number 3- down a little farther!  Hammocks in front, and a sweet bench.  We each have a table and two chairs, and a little yard in front!

Justin.  Drinking his 40, and playing our new game (doesn't have a name yet).  Sweet action shot, compliments of James.

shocking- taking pictures of myself.  But it was a cool shot in the window above the boy's casita!

Took our first ride on Nelson's new motorcycle (again, don't tell mom) to Playa Pelada for the sunset!

Searching for seashells!

I bet you didn't know that The Red Lion had a hotel in Playa Pelada, CR.  did ya?

...what happens when you tell Maggie that you don't think she can climb a tree?... this does!

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that I am saying something along the lines of... "QUE PASA AHORA...B*****?"

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  1. you forgot to translate B**** (it would be P****) haha-- ps collect some shells for me <3 xxo