Friday, February 11, 2011

estoy feliz. :) siempre.

Well… for those of you who haven’t heard… I think I got a job!  It is a 95% for sure thing, and I will find out on Monday for sure.  It could just be for the remainder of my time here, or it could turn into something more, if I choose to return.  It is in the reception at a spa here.  It is called the Healing Center, and is located in the Harmony Hotel.  One of the nicest hotels here, which is actually owned by the heir of the Johnson & Johnson Company.  Lucy nanny’s for the family, and told me about the job.  Noooooo, I have not told mom yet, so please don’t.  I don’t want her to worry.  I will let you know more, when I know more!  There is still the possibility of going to Spain as well.  So, that is not out of the picture yet either.

I am DONE with Spanish classes : )  NO- I am not fluent.  HOWEVER- I comprehend most everything people say, and can hold most any present tense conversation with someone.  As far as the past and future, I can talk about common things, but I still have many, many, many palabras to memorize, and mucho, mucho, mucho practice is still needed.  I have no regrets about it, and know it was worth every penny.  AND, I only missed 2/20 classes.  GOOOO me!  I met some really cool people, and some may just even be life long friends!  I was just emailing with Trevor (the kid that lived in Wenatchee before) and he was telling me how he wonders why he even left here, and how I need to enjoy every second, because he wishes he was still here.  I am definitely taking that advice!  The two owners (Marco and Shannon) are both very nice guys.  Marco is from San Jose, originally, and has lived here for 6 years (I think).  He has a cute baby with his Gringa companion- Joy (whom I have not met yet but have only heard amazing things about her).  Shannon is from California, and lives between here and there with his wife and 2 kids (I think just two).  I really enjoyed all three of my teachers- Kattia, Vivian, and Sylvia!

Rae finished her 200-hr teacher training certification, and actually graduated.  I will take some credit for waking her up in the morning.  I know, weird, right?  I was the one that was waking HER up for class at 6 o’clock in the morning.  It may be, because I am an old woman at heart, and go to bed around 10 every night…but that is beside the point.  I have this internal alarm for 5:30 a.m. now.  Something new in my life!  Anyways, Rachael just started a second 100-hr training called, Let Your Yoga Dance!  It is a two-week course, and after that, she is continuing to train, and take a 100-hr Pranassage training.  Yes, she will be living in Wenatchee, if anyone would like private or group session, she will be available to teach!

I can’t remember if I have updated you since we have moved into our new casita.  We are now living in a smaller one, but it has a fridge/freezer, two burners, coffee maker, and dishes.  We feel so domestic.  Well… I feel domestic, at least.  Rae is too busy to really cook, so I am the housewife!  Nelson does his fair share too, when he is here.  Don’t worry though; I LOVE the housewife role.  I have impressed myself, and the neighbor twins.  Nelson makes rice nearly every day (he calls it, Tico rice…which is pretty much just rice made by a Tico).  So naturally, we eat rice with every meal (I mean, we ARE in Costa Rica).  And, usually everything we make, gets wrapped in a tortilla : ) sounds like our Junior year in college, huh Eli?!  Rice, sautéed onions and tomatoes, chicken or fish, lettuce, etc…all in a warm and crispy tortilla.  Mmmmmmm.  We had a fun meal with the twins and another Tica, Lucy, the other night.  Nelson made rice, I made fish and veggies for us, the boys made chicken and veggies for them, I made salad, and toasted tortillas for everyone.  We had a big pot-luck, and we pushed our tables together in front of our duplex, and all ate together!  So fun!  Once again, we LOVE this place.

We had to say bye to Jasper and his parents the other day : ( and we all really miss them!  They headed back to colder weather in WA DC.  We were discussing how even though we only knew them for a month or so, maybe even less, we felt like we knew them forever.  It is like that with everyone here.  Seriously, we hang out with the twins everyday, and Jasper too, when he was here.  Its like family…it is amazing.  The twins and I play the cousin card, and I told them I’d be their wingman.  They didn’t believe me, because they said that girls usually just say that and never follow through, but after they realized that I really was serious, and that I have the mind of a 13-year-old boy, they knew I was the perfect wingman or wing woman.  James (dreads) and I decided that it is too bad that we established the cousin relationship, and that we both are occupied here with other people, because we really were meant to be.  Get this… he HATES sharing DAIRY with SPOONS.  I just about fainted…enough said.

The other day the twins and I were really bored.  Rae was at yoga, Nelson was at work, Lucy was at home (all the people we hang out with).  They were all busy, and us, well, we had nothing to do.  So…NATURALLY, we bought 40’s, and created a game.  We made bean bags with socks and beans, and each of us stood in front of a pot, and tried to toss the bean bags in the other people’s pots.  If you made it, they drank 3.  If you hit the pot, they drank 1.  And, if you missed it completely, you drank 1.  What a GREAT day right?  Blaring music, standing in our “front yard”, getting tan, drinking beer, living the Costa life!  We could never be bored here.

I got the wart on my knee removed.  When we decided to extend our stay, I figured I needed to get rid of it, because it was not going anywhere, and I was sick of wearing Band-Aids over it.  They don’t have the freezing or burning technology here, so the doctor surgically removed it.  He just numbed the area, and cut it right out.  GROSS.  You should have seen it!  I asked to see it when he was done.  He thought that was weird, but showed me anyways!  I had 2 stitches, and couldn’t exercise (dang it) or go in the water for 5 days.  Yesterday was the 8th day, and I couldn’t stand having the stitches in for the full 12, so I insisted he remove them J.  He was surprised that it was healed, and didn’t really want to take them out, but he said it was up to me, and I said do it!  I am now stitch less, and wart less.

When I was in my interview with Tammy, from the Healing Center, I was telling her about my bug bites.  I think I have been bit by everything, except scorpions, snakes, and bed bugs.  ANY other insect and bug that is able to bite, has had a taste of me.  Mosquito bites everywhere (shocking, I know), 17 ant bites on my left foot, etc.  I will have beautiful scars from my waist down…so much for my leg and foot modeling days…right?

For those of you who DIDN’T know, last Sunday was Bob Marley’s birthday…big deal down here.  Naturally, we celebrated Saturday, with a night at La Banana.

Que mas?!  Oh… I know that everyone is curious about this Nelson character.  Maggie…boyfriend?...noooo, never. : )  All I can say, is that I am MORE than happy here.  Nelson is a really good guy, and we have so much fun together…or in his words, “I have passed many fun times with you.” Cute.  My love for this place is NOT just based on Nelson, he just happens to be a bonus.  I have not lost sight of reality, nor who I am.  I have only gained confidence, experience, and amazing memories.  What does the future hold?  Who knows, and who cares.  All I know is that I am living.  I am living my life, and am really happy doing it.

When will I be home?  Well, I can only stay here for 90 days at a time.  So If I am able to extend it again, I will be home around April 6th at the latest.  I miss so many things about home, and can’t wait to see the faces of the people that I love, and have loved and supported me.

Don’t worry about me down here.  Especially you mom!  I am juuuuuuuust fine. : )
 p.s. good luck to Katie and Adam today!  Can’t wait to hear the big news!!

Until next time…


  1. What a good letter!!! Thank you, Adventuress!

  2. By far my favorite of your blogs so far :) So happy for you xoxoxo