Friday, February 25, 2011

April 6th, 2011...

...Maggie finally returns to the US.

Don't ask me what my plan is, because I do not know : )
It seems as though any time I plan something, and am okay with the decision, something gets changed.
SO... I am going to stop planning, and just live.

I got hired at that spa!  It is just part time though, which I have decided is perfect.  I enjoy the benefits of being an employee, and only have to work 3 days a week : )

Still enjoying life down here.  Don't think that will change.
Nothing really more to update about right now, which is okay, because I don't have time.

I am still living, which I am sure, is what most of you care about most.  Or at least I hope.

Sending all my love to you guys out there, especially my family!  Tell my mom that I love and miss her!  Cannot believe I am missing my sisters belly grow and grow, but being able to see her via skype (along with some more of you) has been the cure to any homesick-ness.



  1. Yeah!! April 6th!! We will put it on our calendar. Enjoy your time down there and we look forward to seeing you soon!!!

  2. Maggie, I adore your blog. You are such an amazing writer! It feels just like we're in the same room and you're telling me all about your grand adventure. We can't wait to see you, though. So I'm circling April 6 as a red-letter day!