Saturday, February 5, 2011


Adrian, Nelson, Luigi.  They are cool kids too.

raaaaasta.  you when I was little, "Daddy, I want one!" or usually two.

James, Justin, and Jasper.  The twins from Connecticut and another friend.  No.. he is not John Mayer, don't worry.  We had a pot luck at Jasper/his parent's house before the Yogi's Graduation.

The center alter at the graduation ceremony.

ohhhhh.. the Tropi.  what a place!  So I'm not sure if Nelson was trying to take my beer from me, or spin me around.  It is apparent that either way, I was just in my own world, and didn't care.  :)


  1. you are so beautiful!!! Miss you!

  2. happiness is just beaming all over your face in your pictures!!!! you beautiful girl---it suites you.

  3. AGREED with the above!! You look Gorgeous sister!! We need to chat soon for REAL!!! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!