Saturday, February 5, 2011

pictures, pictures, pictures...

I know that I really need to blog, but it is so much more fun to just post pictures.. so here is my life in pictures...

This is where we set up camp on one of the beaches on our beach hopping adventure. Sooo pretty!  I think it is named Playa Carillo.
Another beach we stopped at along the way.  This is in Garza.  A town further south from Nosara.

...aaaaaand my new boyfriend.  You guys all thought Nelson was the new man in my life, but meet Mr. Power-walker In A Thong.

So I told you that we limited our diet due to budget.  So this is what my plate usually looks like when I'm done.  Spotless.
uh...who pays $2.50 to go to the bathroom at the rodeo?  people in Nosara do.  You know you are in Costa Rica when... be continued.  i know it is shocking, buuuuut, the internet is fritzing out.  stay tuned..


  1. Hey, I'm not finding much of interest on this blog recently! Bait and switch!